Coercive control is a criminal offence

But it’s quite difficult to prove or convict when it’s the whole of the worlds media and government and large powerful corporations using a very serious event as a reason for doing the coercing.

Where do you begin?

Well the first thing is probably just to speak about it, as openly as you dare. There might be others who feel the same way, but where afraid to speak out.

Simply raising the subject with family or friends can be scary, especially if they’ve joined in with the coercive voice. It could pay to be a little tactful, and raise the issue by making it about something else.

If nobody speaks out then everybody else is likely to think that no one else cares, and they’ll just stay quiet also.

Fear of ridicule. Perhaps you’ve heard others speaking out and seen how they’ve been ridiculed by authority figures in the media. Perhaps even publicly shamed. That’s a powerful force keeping you quiet.

The thing is, you don’t need to take on these powerful forces directly, you can still speak your mind and say how you feel. If others are dismissing your feelings and still expecting you to act in a certain way, then already we’ve established a certain level of coercion.

If someone is trying to get you to do something that doesn’t feel right to you, then you are being coerced.

On top of that, if those people try to make you feel stupid or inferior because of how you feel. This is further evidence of coercion.

It is important to stand up to coercion, because on a large scale it can be quite dangerous. Think of some of the mass cult suicides that have taken place in our not so recent history. A charismatic leader talks a few of his high ranking followers into believing that they all must take their own lives. Perhaps a few really believe, but those who are not so sure, when they feel the pressure of the whole group, they just follow along. This has happened in our history.

There are many examples of similar events. Peer pressure is a powerful thing. But all it takes is a few sensible people to speak out. And once the majority see that they’re not the only ones feeling unsure about the pressure, they’re liberated to speak out also.

It could help to avoid a catastrophe, so speak out… if you feel so inclined…

A quiet voice saying this doesn’t feel right to me, could be all it takes.

This is a good place to start, to learn more about coercive control.

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