Millions writhe in psychic terrorgasm!

The conditioning of our cultural cesspool, the vapid banshee howl of the media, whipping the masses into a collective terror-gasm of blind fear porn, sets the scene.

Meanwhile, your soul has been knocking at your inner door, it left a message, it reads. “You know where I am. When you need me, I’ll be waiting…”

And all you have to do is put down that piece of distraction and breathe.

All nightmares come to an end when the dreamer awakens. And to awaken this sleeper, the spell of awareness has to be cast. And cast hard!

Cast it like you’ve not eaten for days and you’re aiming for the last fish in the lake. And this fish is deep. Deep at the bottom of this vast lake. And the mist is rolling away, rolling off the surface before your eyes. And your boat floats silently in the centre. Surrounded by the still waters you feel the tension on the line. Something bites!

At first you feel a gentle tug, lulling you into the false notion that this one might be easy. But then, suddenly, you feel the weight of it. A sharp pull. So much so that the whole boat moves, dips a little. And you watch as the ripples move out from the boat, disturbing the whole surface of the lake.

It crosses your mind to let it go, this one surely is too big!

Now the once serene lake takes on a very different atmosphere. The rolling mist has curled up some several feet away into a wall of fog. And the still waters begin to boil and froth. Your boat vibrates and begins to take on water.

The mind is a powerful tool, the imagination could be viewed as a gift from the gods, how else could we explain it? This ability to conjure visions and emotions from words and thoughts. And to then construct the physical world from these ideas. Imagination is truly the source of our dominion on earth. But what is the source of imagination?

“You fool!” Comes a voice from the other side of the fog. Don’t you know that the monster of the lake will eat you alive!?

Slowly you begin to make out the shapes of people standing on the bank of the lake. They’re waving their hands to waft away the fog, and constructing a raft and rope to rescue you from certain doom.

“Don’t look down!” You hear them cry.

But it’s too late, you can feel water through your boots, the boat is becoming heavy and sinking fast. The waters around you, now churning and frothing, and your heart is in your throat and all the hairs on your arms and neck are aquiver, your body trembles with …

Anticipation... It's not fear, there's not been enough time to indulge in creating a drama about it. You're caught on the edge of knowing. Face to face with forces beyond your conditioned mind. On the edge of reality. You can embrace it or reject it. You can See or close your inner Eye. Here the map has no use whatsoever in explaining the terrain. We are off the grid, and in the company of Dragons!

Suddenly the people from the shore have managed to construct some kind of raft, and they’re making a steady approach, building a bridge to safety. Coming to rescue you and bring you back to the certainty of dry land. All the established rules of physics are coming to play. Surely a rope and wooden bridge can reach you in time, and will be solid enough to support your weight and bring you home.

Yet beneath your feet, the rumble of turbulent waters still threaten to sink you. The dark waters… The big fish… Somehow in the midst of this up-evil a hunger stirs deep inside. And not a hunger for food, more so a hunger for a metaphysical food of sorts. Ah yes… Your soul is calling!

The outstretched hands of your countrymen slip from view as the waters engulf you. Down, down, down you go, into the darkness.

Nothing makes sense, the terror-gasm of the crowd, the impossible floating bridge, the frothing waters, the rolling fog, the impossibly big fish. Was is all a dream?

Now here in the silent darkness, there is nothing but the sound of your heartbeat and the occasional voice in your head, and it is oddly quiet.

But you do recall the message from your soul. “You know where I am. When you need me, I’ll be waiting…”. You remember casting the spell of awareness?

A jolt of realisation flashes through you, and with one or two kicks you manage to break the surface and swim to the shore. The crowds have all gone, the boat is nowhere in sight, and it’s dusk. Sitting at the edge of the lake you look up and notice the night sky, awash with lights mirrored on the surface of the lake.

“Was that my soul?” You think to yourself.

“Sometimes we have to drown.” Replies the voice.

You check yourself. Sure enough, you’re all in one piece, a little soggy and cold, but still alive. And something about the world has changed. Sure, the crowds have all gone, but so too has that terror. Now in its place there is a calmness, and an experience beyond all understanding.

Something drew you out into that lake. Ah yes, it was the spell you cast. You were seeking awareness, you were looking for something beyond the cultural conditioning. The conditioning that lately seems to have become so fucked up. You had that hunger, the drive to search elsewhere. That’s how you got here. That’s how you came to the lake, that’s how you met the monster in the lake and almost drowned. That’s why you’re reading this now, because of some curiosity. A spark of inquisitiveness brought us both to this moment. And I imagine that we both might be interested in knowing just what the source of that inquisitiveness is…. ?

If so, stick around, because I’ll be posting more. It fascinates me too 🙂

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