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I’ve been learning more about magick, apparently a lot of processes come under the umbrella of ‘magic’, like yoga, tantra, meditation, hypnosis, philosophy and science. Magick is the origin of all those pursuits, inquiring into the nature of the world, and how we fit into it. Recognising that we’re both animal and something else, that something else that makes us human, if we use it correctly. It could be called conscience, or compassion, or awareness.

This writing originally began as an email to my mum asking how she’s doing.
I was going begin with letting her know how I am, and what I’ve been doing lately, studying magick… which as it turns out, is what I’ve always been doing, pretty much all my life. Even as a musician, the kind of music I created was ‘magical’. Music that helps the listener to get into that relaxed state of mind, or helps the listener to enter an alternate state of consciousness.

I’m not sure why I’m so into magic. But thinking about it now, I remember my gran, Edna. We used to have wonderful conversations about the nature of the universe and the mind and magic… Also the few memories I have of staying with aunty Edith, they’re rich with magical experience. She had the ‘magic voice’, the power to hypnotise someone just by speaking to them.
So it’s clear where this interest comes from… perhaps… Although if I run with the ideas of James Hillman (The Souls Code), then he’d say that my soul chose to be born into this family so that I could meet these people and have those experiences.

There seem to be very few people in the world today interested in real magick, and it’s a shame, because so much will be lost if these practises and this knowledge isn’t handed down to future generations.
I’d even go further and say that there is a deliberate attempt in the world today to destroy magic. It is a war on many fronts. The war on drugs, the war on personal freedoms, the war on consciousness, the war on exploration and inquiry. All of these magical practices have been usurped by a frightened class of powerful people, much as the Spanish Inquisition weeded out witches back in the day, there is a continuation of the same kind of disrespect, mockery, ignorance and intolerance. And the culmination of this is now coming to a head, when we witness the media, sponsored and controlled by those same intolerant classes that oversaw the witch hunts. The name calling, the mockery, the segregation, the dehumanising and the irreverence.

I believe the root of it is fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the misunderstood, ultimately leading to a powerful urge to control and dictate.
But like any course of tyranny, it cannot last. Control breeds a need for more control, and sooner or later as the grip tightens, chaos slips through the fingers…

I’m not sure why I’m saying all this, but I was thinking about Edna this morning, I don’t really remember her, but she’s still here, as a feeling.

I think we (our society) have been relying on a very thin wedge of magic for too long. When I acknowledge that western science and medicine is but a very small side branch of a much more expansive understanding of Magick, I feel that we’ve become stuck in a habit, that seems to serve us to a point… yet the very act of being stuck in it, blinds us to what lies beyond that rut.
The pandemic and the reaction of the media has shone a light on how stuck we’ve become, and in a way this is a great opportunity, for people to wake up and recognise the matrix of control, which in essence is the war on magick.
It’s been right before our eyes all this time, it’s the same war on nature that humanity has been involved in for god knows how long. Ultimately culminating in the climate control fear that’s now starting to replace the pandemic fear.

We’ve been destroying nature for hundreds of years and this media attempt to scare people into believing that somehow we’re on the edge of a climate disaster is yet another aspect of this underlying war.

One problem with science is that it cannot account for any force or entity beyond it’s scope of understanding. So the idea that nature is a living entity is outside its comprehension. And for anyone deeply embedded in the western mind rut such an idea seems naïve. It belongs with the angels and fairy’s and elves. But for someone who’s explored ideas further afield, these concepts make perfect sense.

So what happens when your heart tells you that the ideas and actions of others around you are born of fear and ignorance, and those actions run contrary to actions you feel necessary, given your own world view? You have to find some way of living in such a world, given that these others are all around you, on the TV, on the radio, in the shops, on the street corners, discussing, reacting and acting on ideas and beliefs that you feel to be inconsistent with reality. And more so, the weight of these ideas, due to the sheer number of people caught up in the fantasy, well, it’s enough to make anyone question themselves, over and over… But if you keep questioning, and still you come to the conclusion that the reality they propose is quite sick and broken. Then the only course of action is to walk away, and have as little to do with this sick society as possible.

So this is how I’ve lived, most of my life. And every time I’ve been challenged by the society, to give up my exploration into a wider reality, I’ve always come to this root question. Is it done out of fear, or is it done out of love. And our culture has done a great job with the mind-fuck, of trying to make fear seem like love and trying to make love seem like fear. The levels of Orwellian mind fuckery are quite impressive. Telling people to follow crazy rules to show their love for others. And still people believe they’re doing good.

So to understand love is essential. And here is another reason why it’s so necessary to be able to step outside the sick cultural hypnosis. Because love in a sick society actually looks very much like fear. A clinging, desperate, exclusive, pandering, longing kind of ‘love’ is not love at all, it is fear.
So learning the difference between love and fear is so important. And the pandemic has highlighted this more than ever.
A much deeper appreciation for love shows it to be akin to truth. We often hear the term love of the truth. But perhaps a clearer definition is, the ability to be with truth.

Again, our sick society has had a go at destroying the concept of truth, but a quick and dirty definition would be something like, ‘what is’. In the east they have the term Tao.

Now our popular culture has tried to indoctrinate our minds with the post-modern notion that truth is subjective and whatever each person might experience as truth is good enough. Oh that’s your truth, but it’s not my truth, so lets agree to disagree…
But this sickness is at the root of the escalating rise in the war on facts. Suddenly facts have become politicised, and only the facts of the ruling class are allowed to be experienced as truth.
It is true that what is experienced as truth now, might not be true at some other time. Things change, this is a fundamental truth. But truth has to be something we can all see and experience. There is no opinion in truth, and certainly no political leaning.

So not only do we see the ruling class at war with nature, but also at war with truth.
And this house of cards is unsustainable. So much effort and so many resources are being funnelled into keeping the charade going. It will collapse, and when it does it will bring down the whole illusion of western democracy.

What we do with the rubble will define the future of mankind. Therefore we need smart people, we need people with an understanding of the deeper nature of things. And magick will play a huge role in shaping the future. Whether we do it consciously or not. As soon as the matrix of control comes crashing down, magick will be unleashed. We don’t want unconscious magick flooding the minds of a panicked society. We need highly aware, conscious individuals who are adept in the magical arts, yoga, tantra, healing, spirituality, metaphysics, and science and technology. And we need people who understand the difference between love and fear, and who know what truth really means.
These are the kind of visionaries we need to inspire a new world. However, so far, I’m not aware of many. If you are then feel free to post links to their work in the comments below. It would be good to establish a network of truth seekers.

2 thoughts on “email to mum

  1. Don’t worry, nobody will ever take magic away from us… It’s true that the whole game of society is precisely to try to do that (kill all magic), and it’s true that there are very few people interested in magic nowadays… but it’s always been like that! Always, throughout history.

    Magic is not for the masses. Who cares? Forget about what’s going on on TV or social media or society at large, that’s just distracting you (a little) from what is really going on… and it’s happening inside you!
    The pursue of magic is a solitary path… at least at the beginning. Then, at some point along the path, you go through a magic threshold and find yourself in the world of magic… and you discover that it’s (in a way) the same world you’ve always known, but now everything in it is imbued in pure magic… It’s the same old world, and it’s an absolutely new world at the same time. Or something like that 🙂

    And yet, who knows? Sometimes I feel (especially lately) that we are at the brink of a huge change in humanity… that many people will suddenly wake up (not the majority, probably, but maybe a critical mass of artists, scientists, truth seekers… that would be enough) and the whole world will open up and change radically… Yet many people have felt the same at many points in time, so who knows? It just occurs to me that we often think “people always thought that something huge was going to happen, and then nothing happened”… But how can we know? Maybe something huge did happen, maybe whole chunks of humanity flew away into freedom, but people still trapped in the shadow world can’t know anything about it until they wake up themselves…

    (Oh and btw, the Spanish Inquisition didn’t persecute witches. On the contrary, the Spanish inquisitors saved the lives of many women accused of witchcraft and persecuted by the civil authorities. The official position of the Spanish Inquisition was that witchcraft doesn’t exist. The inquisitors thought that all those “witches” were either innocent or deluded. Very few women died in Spain accused of witchcraft. The big Witch Hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries happened mainly in France, Germany and Britain, and were carried out mostly by civil judges who wholeheartedly believed in witchcraft (or pretended to believe: some historians think there were dark political interests at play, related to the rise of capitalism). I couldn’t let pass the opportunity of this sort of pedantic, erudite note lol)

    I would love to hear more about granny Edna and aunty Edith! Great names for witches! 🙂


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