There’s an App for that!

Soon there’ll be an app
That can do what you do.

And this app will be faster and much cheaper than you.
And when they have this app
They’ll have no more use for you.
So listen to these words and realise what you must do.

All that you know and all that you do
When you work for the system or go to the loo
It’s all quite mechanical, it all very routine
So dig deep into your soul
Create something unique and unseen.

The app can do this, the app can do that
The app will know everything you’ve told it
You see, every time you interact with AI
It’s learning your ways, it’s learning your life.

So don’t act like a robot
Stop being so dull
It can never be you
If you’re mysterious and stop being so predictable.

The app will never tell funny jokes
Or sing random songs for fun when out picking daisies.
The app might count faster, or drive safer, or pack boxes seven a dozen
But it’ll never fall in love and marry its cousin.

So do all these random things
That make you more than just the sum of your parts,
And smile when your dog farts
And your car no longer starts.

For you are a human
Not an app
Not pretend
Not a robot, not a cyborg
But a nature made friend.

The end.

One thought on “There’s an App for that!

  1. Yes I’m not an app
    I went to a fun eral
    They danced outside
    I spoke to the vicar
    I nearly cried
    No i’m not an app
    I’m going to bed now
    So that’s that


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