“It doesn’t make sense”

The fact that so many humans have uttered these words, shows just how out of touch with reality this species is.

“Sense” is something we impose on the world. The deeper we look into the nature of this event we call life, the less it makes sense. And it’s quite possible to notice that this “sense” is in fact something we’re trying to impose on life, for our own sake. To make us feel secure, safe, sane.

The brain has evolved to require some kind of order, without this order we feel perturbed. Our consciousness is shaken, and it gets harder to remain in the neat little reality tunnel we’ve carved out for ourselves.

This is the experience of taking the psychedelic, it throws us off track, out of sync with the map. And once we’re off the map, suddenly we become aware just how big reality is. Just how much sense we’re able to make of it, requires us to only see a small portion of it.

The job of the brain/mind/ego/self is to filter the world through this sense making crack of awareness, just so we can survive.

If we were exposed, all at once, to the raw nature of existence, we’d be confounded by the absurd.

Artists, shaman, visionaries, mystics, have all had glimpses of the absurd. The true nature of reality cannot and does not make sense, it doesn’t need to, it’s us that needs it to, in order to keep the dream alive.

And like with any dream, as we approach the point of waking up, any sense we once imposed begins to fall away. The walls become jello, the arms of the lover become a prison, the eyes become as fiery holes into which you’re pulled down, down, down into an abyss from which you know you will never escape…. until, BOOM! You wake up…

Humanity is beginning to wake up from the dream of the world it created. As so too, it becomes a nightmare.

It becomes the absurd turbulent dystopian shaker of your peace seeking mind.

Until one embraces the truth. That this world is a dream, and it’s time to wake up!

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