My Theory Of Everything

My Theory Of Everything The concepts by which we interpret the world – determine the world. So when we realise that it’s quite possible to derive whole new alternative interpretations to explain our world, we’re presented with the observation that, what actually sits at the very base of our understanding is in fact, the veryContinue reading “My Theory Of Everything”

Mass Formation Hypnosis

Why do members of a cult go out of their way to defend their group, even when this group is obviously acting against their best interests? For several years now I’ve been fascinated by the subject of group think, or mob consciousness. Our history is full of accounts where medium to large communities, sometimes evenContinue reading “Mass Formation Hypnosis”

What happens when we die?

Information takes up physical space It’s incredibly small, but nevertheless, it seems that information does actually require some physical space in order to exist.  Previously I’d always assumed that information was not physical, and when you consider how much information you can store on a 1 terabyte hard drive compared to the old days, whenContinue reading “What happens when we die?”

Secretly falling apart

Whilst making myself a morning cup of tea, I shuffled my meditation card deck. Picked a random card. It read, “Why are you holding yourself together?” The same card I got yesterday. This is significant! There’s something spooky about this pack of cards. I’m not totally sure where the ideas came from, it was asContinue reading “Secretly falling apart”

Millions writhe in psychic terrorgasm!

The conditioning of our cultural cesspool, the vapid banshee howl of the media, whipping the masses into a collective terror-gasm of blind fear porn, sets the scene. Meanwhile, your soul has been knocking at your inner door, it left a message, it reads. “You know where I am. When you need me, I’ll be waiting…”Continue reading “Millions writhe in psychic terrorgasm!”

Coercive control is a criminal offence

But it’s quite difficult to prove or convict when it’s the whole of the worlds media and government and large powerful corporations using a very serious event as a reason for doing the coercing. Where do you begin? Well the first thing is probably just to speak about it, as openly as you dare. ThereContinue reading “Coercive control is a criminal offence”

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