Fall in love

Usually when we hear people talking about falling in love, they’re talking about something they’ve fallen in love with…

Notice the separation, there is YOU, and there is the SOMETHING you’re in love with. 

Sure it feels great! To be in love feels wonderful, we’re full of energy and joy, and this feeling radiates out into the world affecting everything and everyone we come in contact with. It creates a field of joy around us.

But it’s dependant… If that SOMETHING changes, or dies, or goes away, then so does the love, so does all that joy, and we’re left feeling empty and depressed.

The mistake was to imagine that the energy and joy came from the SOMETHING. Where in fact the energy and joy really comes from your hyper intense interest in the something. It actually comes from YOU. 

YOU are the source of love, not the SOMETHING. So is it possible to just be in love? Not in love WITH anything, just in love?

Yes it is. And here lies the door to a mystery that opens us up to the deeper world. Because this kind of falling in love requires that we pass through the external idea of self, and plunge into the inner actuality of true Self.

And we don’t really know who we are until we’ve fallen into this love. From this place, anything seems possible.

This state of being is something I’ve been practicing for several years. And I appreciate not everyone will understand it, or perhaps even recognise it. I certainly don’t claim to be able to maintain it 100% of the time. Like I said, it’s something I practice. And with practice, we become more tuned.

And when we’re tuned, we play better music !

Love is the transcendental object at the end of time. Love is coming, love is coming to us all… 😉

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