#alt DADA

Is it time for a new dada movement?

Are you feeling suffocated by the Neo Nazi Fact Checking Thought Police?

Lately the establishment seem to have ramped up their propaganda machine. There could be many reasons for this, all of which I’m not particularly interested in, because ultimately any attention we give them, just feeds them. So while it’s probably best to ignore the machine as much as possible, it’s also important not to be ignorant of its presence.

If you’re completely sick of government sanctioned information, and have been seeking your dose of reality elsewhere, then you’ve probably encountered alternative media in some shape or form.

Yet after wading through the chaos of undiscerned belief systems trying to pass as journalism, you’re possibly feeling a little lost, if not a little jaded ?

But not to fear, as we’re here to act as the lighthouse at the top of the mountain, to guide you on the path to ultimate truth…


You see, that’s all part of the problem. This idea that there are unbiased experts higher up some chain of hierarchy, altruistically guiding you to a better place.

It’s just not so.

So, what does the world look like?

You see, the beauty of freeing yourself from the matrix (as much as possible) means that we’re now at liberty to create our own.

DADA is not what the world looks like, but it certainly helps one to free up the imagination, to shake things up a little, to loosen the old dusty cobweb ridden daemons and let them fly…

Why not engage in some chaos magic… get your trance on and lets get wild!

Or not

Because that’s exactly what the machine fears, it’s this chaos that the machine seeks to contain and classify, label and codify, remedy and pigeonhole. The Man is scared, afraid for his life, his sanity, his security. And our wild chaos daemons are only pushing him further into the data driven corner. Just check out wikipedia for all the latest additions to pseudoscience.

We need to build a bridge – between worlds.

The machine wont do it, it doesn’t have the imagination. So it’s up to us, to the Artists and the Seers, the Magicians and the Sorcerers and the Witches. Somehow, we have to make the other World accessible. Whilst not giving the Man a heart attack.

And then there are the other Sorcerers. The ones who do the black magic, the ones who have no interest in building any bridges, because their cynicism burst its banks eons ago.

They’re probably the reason the matrix is on lock down in the first place.

Who deliberately sanctions gain of function virus lab experiments…

What is it that drives them? Is it cynicism? Or are they just evil? Or perhaps just lost… ?

Whatever it is, it’s hard getting through to them, and they always leave me feeling somewhat hollow…

Yet I am willing to use that emptiness as a door, and so I will leave this here, for now. And meditate on the hollow door of emptiness for a while. Lets see what comes through…

Is Personal History Limiting You?

I don’t believe that I am defined by my personal history. The idea of maintaining a story of who we are seems quite obnoxious. To feel defined by a story, and of course a personal history is a story, is to limit oneself severely. Have you ever wondered why the idea of wanting to feel secure is so important? I would often go out of my way to achieve a sense of security, but it really keeps me limited, there is no growth. For an infant, this feeling of safety is important, as exploration of the world slowly begins, there’s so much information to take in. But at some point we need more stimulation, else there is stagnation. But to try and maintain the images that linger in the darkness, long after the light that formed them has gone, is to be blind to the formation of new images. And if one is aware, then we notice that new patterns are forming all the time, and there is a deeper story unfolding. Not a personal history as dictated by a story of who we tell ourselves we are. But a future story, unhindered by a narrator recounting some well trodden history, and more like an explorer discovering a new wild and unknown landscape. You are that new wild landscape! And to miss this is to avoid our true potential. Maintaining a shroud of mystery about oneself tremendously enhances our potential. And if you even stop believing your own history, then who knows what you are capable of… I once knew a man who told me he could not play the guitar. I asked him, how do you know this? And he said, because I’ve never tried… 

The power of the mind to limit us is equal to the power it also has to set us free from those limitations. You can do anything, not as your personal historian narrator dictates, but in new and unaccountable ways. When we let go of our personal history we find ourselves doing things we never imagined. 

So what is imagining this new story forming from beyond our wildest dreams? Are our lives truly not our own? Or is it all just random chaos? 

There are pivotal moments in everybody’s life, when some event shapes us in some new way, a turning point, a growing point. Where an external force or event collides with the train of our personal history, and we’re knocked off our rails. We might react to this as a terrible inconvenience, how dare life have other plans for us! But is it not incredibly naive to imagine that my story is more important than reality? Now to be aware that reality has plans for you, is that not incredibly exciting? Is there not a tremendous feeling of privilege, that life is paying personal attention to you…it is a gift?  Of course we may not see this at first, if we’re hung up on our personal history, and we might feel considerably inconvenienced. But do you see how pompous it is to imagine that our personal story is more important than reality? 

If we regard it all as random chaos, then perhaps our neatly crafted personal history does seem more important. And this way of thinking has become very fashionable today. The world makes no sense, so I must impose my sense onto the world. And so what is this mindset going to miss? It can only perceive a world within its own limited experience. It can only project what it already knows… there is nothing new, there can be no growth, there is no potential, it is death… Life requires growth potential, which requires a constant flow of something new and unknown from beyond the story of the known. The random chaos is not nonsense at all, it is the influx of life, it is the action of a force external to a personal history. It is a living entity beyond my volition, interacting with me, guiding me, shaping my understanding of reality. 

There are many words throughout history we’ve used to convey this notion of some external guiding force, and so these words have become interwoven with personal history itself. Like crust on the surface of a volcanic flow, it solidifies and becomes new ground. And for a while there is a feeling of stability, security. A new personal history is established. But what of that force? The actual thing, not the conceptualised image… What is it that is imagining this new story forming, beneath the solid crust? If we give it a name, we encrust it, so let’s not name it. Let us not identify it, and in not doing so, acknowledge its indomitable presence. Recognising also its immediate presence in the moment now, in the movement of our breath, in the beating of our hearts. The rush of life beneath the crust of our own surface. For under our skin there are worlds still unfathomable. The personal history of my biology, the science of life tells us only a snapshot of the reality. Our potential is still being written!

Symbiotic Relationships

Alistair loves feeding the birds. And I love taking pictures of birds. So it works out well.

Over the course of my life I keep returning to mythology. The idea that some greater meaning, some deeper purpose, some intelligent force or agent is taking an active role in my life. I won’t claim to know the exact ins and outs of it, it seems way too vast to comprehend fully. But I can claim to know it, in the sense that one knows ones own skin, ones own body.

In essence I’m referring to an awareness of the symbiotic nature of existence. And I believe that understanding this relationship will ultimately lead us to an understanding of life far deeper than the one offered by our current scientific model.

This new understanding takes into account, not only the physical forces, but also the apparent non material forces which scientism deliberately omits, namely the role of the conscious agent.

This blog post here about symbiotic relationships in nature is quite fascinating, and a good place to begin if you’ve never come across the idea before.

Now that you have a basic understanding of symbiotic relationships, I want to introduce a magical component, in the form of the immediate experience of felt presence.

The three components of the human being are.
1. The Monkey, the physical body.
2. The Mind, our language and technology and idea, belief structures.
3. The Being or Soul, the underlying magical world of myth, imagination, Will and consciousness.

These three elements exist in symbiotic relationship. However at present, Mind has assumed control over the others. Mind dominates the Monkey (body) while suppressing the Being (Soul). It controls the body in order to build its vision of reality, its technology. And it offers in return to feed and clothe the Monkey and to give shelter and security. Yet in order to maintain this dominance over the body it must suppress the Soul. It does this through language. By separating itself (and the body) from the world of being. Through the use of naming. Things become labels, and labels are not things, and so the description is not the described, and with this spell, Mind has systematically closed all doors to the world of being.

However it’s not a perfect hypnosis, and Mind requires almost constant reMinding, in the form of entertainment, via the TV or radio or songs or stories… constantly reprogramming Mind, keeping all the doors to the magical realm firmly closed. … Most of the time, except when we dream or hallucinate or have a psychedelic experience… Then the doors of perception are opened for a time, and the magical world of being is relived. We experience this as Home, as Awakening, and it feels more real than real… Because it is. It is the place of our Soul, it is the natural place to come from, to See from, to Be in.

But Mind must reassert its control, because it cannot be the Master Mind when Being is present. As Being is the true Authority, the genuine Author of life.

Being does not make an enemy of Mind, because Mind is merely a tool. Yet Mind makes an enemy of Being, because Being is the only force capable of putting Mind in its rightful place, as a servant of Life.

In future blogs we will explore this in more detail.

We are closer than you could imagine.

If you no longer believe in magic, then you’ve stopped paying attention. Magic is everywhere, it’s just explained away by the reductionist mind.

One thing I have noticed about magic, is that it must be needed. And sometimes it’s not enough to just will things to happen. But the purpose of frustration is to show us when we’ve become disconnected.

As much as we might like to believe we’re individuals and we don’t need others, we have to admit how good it feels to be needed, to be useful to others. And when our powers are needed by others, that’s when our magic really shines.

With this in mind, take a look at the world, and ask yourself, what is needed now more than ever?

The answer is you. You are needed. The world needs your personal special brand of magic to shine. How will you know what it is? Well… just ask yourself. What is needed here? Be open to an answer coming to you, and it will.

It might not be what you desire. But remember, it’s not just about you, it’s about what is needed. As soon as you decide to step into it, the magic will flow through you.

One more thing. Don’t make the mistake of believing you own it, or that it’s you who is controlling it. That’s a sure fire way to crash and burn. Once your ego comes online and starts trying to direct the show, it’s over.

But as long as you are open to what is needed here and now by the greater reality, then the magic will flow through you. Even if you doubt yourself, that’s ok, because the needs of the many outweigh the fears of the one.

Remember, this is love in action, and this is what you were born for. We are magical beings, and our divine purpose is to create heaven on Earth. And the world is the illusion that generates the circumstances that activate the gifts within, which give rise to the creation of that paradise.

We are closer than you could imagine.

The Universe Needs YOU!

The setup

Parked up in a Tescos car park, we scrambled around inside the car, unfolding large sheets of brown packing paper.

It felt like we were doing something wrong, certainly unusual. But who cares? The world has turned upside down. Each time we prepare to embark on a shopping trip, we don our masks like arch villains. So measuring a car for curtains… nothing is normal anymore!

Measuring the windows for the blackout curtains.

This was harder than I thought, those car windows are awkward shapes, it took several attempts to get them right. Finally we tried shining a powerful torch light through the material, and nothing came through. In here with our blacked out windows, we will be invisible. Like stealth super spy car campers… searching for magical places…

Soon we will be going out on adventures, travelling to places too far to drive back from. And so, we will need a mattress. And other things, to make the car a comfortable home from home.

Going to Hook

Hook with Warsash Local Nature Reserve. Quite a strange mix of inland woodland, grazing pastures interspersed with tree lines, woodland and wetland habitats, leading down to a shingle shoreline. With views of industrial ship yards and tall chimney stacks. A fascinating place to visit. Plenty of space for walking and contemplating the perpetual clash of civilisation with nature.

We’re currently working on a podcast, discussing how modern mankind is like an alien to this world, constantly at war with nature, pruning, reshaping, destroying or controlling in some way or another. And how this outward lack of balance reflects on our inner lack of peace. The conflict of our inner nature verses our conditioned socialised persona.

And yet here at Hook, the two seem to coexist, and perhaps the conflict is only in the mind of the observer. The ducks don’t seem to mind the view.

The Soul’s Code

A book by James Hillman. But this is not a book review. More so, it’s a question, or an inquiry, into the nature of soul. As Hillman suggests, the soul is not a product of nature or nurture. It is a well established, already formed being, long before it materialises as a physical body.

This idea is very much in line with my own thinking. And during the course of this blog, I will be exploring this theme in more depth.

I’ll also introduce the idea that there is an intelligence at work, beyond our usual apprehension, guiding humanity along a path that we don’t yet have the imagination to fathom. Throughout history, individuals such as Hillman, Jung, Einstein, have stumbled upon this intelligence, and have interpreted its message in their own words. Both revealing new truths and at the same time, hindering growth, by freezing a snapshot of the message in time.

Although we cannot blame the individual for this freezing. As it seems that there is some collective responsibility, as in a desire to fix a set of ideas, so as to form what we refer to as Knowledge.

This reveals to us, the ignorance of knowledge. The ignorance of putting too much faith in an established set of ideas, assuming that nothing changes. The assumption that nature is a machine, the the world is a dead rock, and that the universe is an unconscious, non living mechanical process.

These assumptions have held back humanity for centuries. Instead, we will explore the idea that the universe is a living, conscious organism. Neither purely material nor spirt in nature, and that the dichotomy of dualism is merely a quirk of our psychological conditioning.

We will explore why enthusiasm, motivation and interest are so important, and why the lack of imagination is literally killing us.

And lots of other things… stay tuned for re-edits and future posts…

We are magical beings

Every day they go to work with the sole intention of squashing us. They’re not evil or unkind by nature, it’s just that their job demands it of them. It’s not even personal, it’s just their job. And our job is to maintain our magic in the face of all this squashing. Ultimately this battle hones our skills as magical beings. 

See it as a game if you will. Not for winning or losing, but more for developing the spirit of playfulness. Perhaps also like how a seed requires a certain amount of resistance as it’s growing, to push itself off.  Or like a lump of coal, under so much pressure and heat… slowly gets transformed into a diamond. The world is such a process, a diamond soul creating process, and we are the diamond beings in the making, the angelic beings of light. As we become more our true nature, our magical nature illuminates those around us, reminding them also of their true nature. Until we come to the point were we realise that everything stealing our magic is a distraction.

The awareness of this is our magic in action. We recognise that we can be propelled forward on a wind of squashing… the act of recognising we’re being distracted from our magic becomes the reminder that amplifies our magic… So… not falling for it, not resisting it… just noticing …. Noticing the feeling of being squashed, noticing everything that is distracting us from our magic… and in doing that, we place our magic at the centre of the storm, and then it can do nothing but grow.  We can use the very energy that is trying to squash us, as fuel to grow… 

Does your life have continuity?

It seems like all these blog sites and social media sites are upside down or back to front.

You’ll have to read my one in reverse to make sense of it ☝️

If you’re watching a series on tv or reading a book there’s usually some plot. Some journey that unfolds. Slowly making sense. As it does you become aware of the deeper purpose or meaning or message.

Without some kind of continuity how can you make sense of life beyond the immediate experience?

These post are not random thoughts. Each one acts as an entry point into a deeply interwoven interconnected labyrinth Mind. But only if you discover the continuity.

Making music

The slow and slightly more tricky aspect of making music is the editing production and publishing. At least for me anyhow. So I had this idea. What if I just bypass all those bits. Simply make some music and record it live straight onto my phone and then post it in a blog. Cutting out all the middlemen and messing around.

Anyway the song is called Bluebells in the matrix. Thanks for listening 🙂

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