Downpour at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Exploring Hampshire in the summer rain.

Twenty minutes into our walk and the heavens opened.

Link to the video

There’s something quite exciting about being out in a downpour. Especially if you find shelter… And get to witness the deluge as somewhat of a spectator.

This seems like a good metaphor for meditation. The drama of life is always less abrasive when viewed from the perspective of the detached observer.

But one can be too detached. There has to be some balance, you have to get wet sometimes to know what the rain feels like. And if we’re always in the rain, without any shelter, then we begin to suffer.

It seems as if the nature of Mind has provided us with a solution. This ability to step back from the experience and view it as a detached watcher. Being in nature usually gives me this experience. The small self disappears and I become the other. Here I am more than an image of myself. I am the rain and I am the trees. The conditioned self falls away to reveal a mystery.

We need the natural world to remind us we are not what we assume we are.

Too much time in the city gives this feeling of isolation, and a tension related to the hard fixed nature of the environment. The inner mind reflects the outer world. And a world of fixed hard structures fastens the mind to ideas and beliefs. In the forests and wide open hills, the mind has more space to contemplate, to explore, to imagine new possibilities.

We need the natural world more than we can imagine. It feeds us, it nurtures us. It is the source of technology.

Where are we going? To the Moon, to Mars? To some aluminium bio-plastic utopia? With androids and giant TV’s and holograms and VR headsets…

But what will we project on these giant TV’s and headsets? Nature. Long tall grass, forests of huge trees, downpours, lakes, oceans, beautiful meadows with wildflowers blowing in the digital breeze.

When all the while it’s all already here… was here… slowly being eaten up by the machines to feed the factories to build the giant TV’s that project the holograms of what we long for…

To be back home. To be in the place that truly inspires us. To be with the source once more.

But this is not the end of it. Because if it were, we would not have left the forests… It seems like Nature has a plan for humanity. And perhaps this plan involves us skirting dangerously close to extinction. We cannot go back to living as the innocent animals, minding our own business in the forests. That is not what we are, so much is obvious. Nature granted us a vision, and gave us the wherewithal to see it take shape. We passed the point of no return decades ago. Yet in the rush to become space creatures, we’re losing something vital. We’re losing our ability to feel the rain. And that connection with life-force itself, I suggest, is our Soul. Because, when we do find ourselves travelling through the cosmos, after killing the planet to build our spaceships… How will we live with ourselves, knowing we murdered our mother? … Knowing that we allowed our desperation to escape her suffering, to blind and deafen us, so that we could work harder and faster, to build the machines to propel us out and away! To escape as quickly as possible from this dying wretched world… That we are killing…

Yet, this is what she wanted. Nature always had the plan that we would leave, that one day we would use our hands and minds to build machines to take us off to explore the universe.

But not like this ! Not with this blind terrified desperation… Clawing at the womb in a state of panic !

It is up to us, the sane people of planet Earth, to remind those so eager to leave, just what it is they are leaving. They have become so disconnected, so detached… even the rain doesn’t wet them.

How we go about this? I suggest we meditate, and let the wisdom of source inspire us.

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