“It doesn’t make sense”

The fact that so many humans have uttered these words, shows just how out of touch with reality this species is.

“Sense” is something we impose on the world. The deeper we look into the nature of this event we call life, the less it makes sense. And it’s quite possible to notice that this “sense” is in fact something we’re trying to impose on life, for our own sake. To make us feel secure, safe, sane.

The brain has evolved to require some kind of order, without this order we feel perturbed. Our consciousness is shaken, and it gets harder to remain in the neat little reality tunnel we’ve carved out for ourselves.

This is the experience of taking the psychedelic, it throws us off track, out of sync with the map. And once we’re off the map, suddenly we become aware just how big reality is. Just how much sense we’re able to make of it, requires us to only see a small portion of it.

The job of the brain/mind/ego/self is to filter the world through this sense making crack of awareness, just so we can survive.

If we were exposed, all at once, to the raw nature of existence, we’d be confounded by the absurd.

Artists, shaman, visionaries, mystics, have all had glimpses of the absurd. The true nature of reality cannot and does not make sense, it doesn’t need to, it’s us that needs it to, in order to keep the dream alive.

And like with any dream, as we approach the point of waking up, any sense we once imposed begins to fall away. The walls become jello, the arms of the lover become a prison, the eyes become as fiery holes into which you’re pulled down, down, down into an abyss from which you know you will never escape…. until, BOOM! You wake up…

Humanity is beginning to wake up from the dream of the world it created. As so too, it becomes a nightmare.

It becomes the absurd turbulent dystopian shaker of your peace seeking mind.

Until one embraces the truth. That this world is a dream, and it’s time to wake up!

Everything begins with an idea

Consciously creating new belief systems.

In the beginning there is the idea…

For example. I might want to install the behaviour of being more patient.

Example: Deep patience as a buffer between myself and the world.

The idea: Instead of reacting immediately to the world, with patience, we can listen more carefully, notice more deeply, observe and comprehend more widely, more wisely.

So this idea sets out the objective of becoming more patient.

I give attention.

The next step is to notice that we are the source of attention, we are the source of the idea. All thoughts are ideas, including any doubting thoughts about this very notion, is also an idea. An idea we chose or not, to give our attention to.

How does this idea interact with the world?

How does our idea form the reality we experience in the world?

Through inquiry we ask questions about how our inner reality, our beliefs, ideas, thoughts, relate to the world we experience. How are we forming the reality we experience?

I see, I listen, I notice, I observe… I give my attention…

My idea of the world gives rise to my behaviour in the world.

I can get to know the connection between my ideas and my behaviour through paying attention, noticing, observing, giving attention to the relationship between my ideas and how they play out, as behaviours.

Notice how these behaviours interact with the world.

Notice how my behaviours interact with the world. In communication with others. In performing tasks and activities, in learning new things.

How does this new information feedback into the original idea?

Example: Noticing how being more patient deepens my communication with others. How it affects my behaviour towards others, etc.

Now we see the beginning of a new system being formed.

We can create new belief systems, ones which perhaps work for us in more beneficial ways. Which come from ideas we’ve created consciously, deliberately, as opposed to ideas which we’ve inherited unconsciously from parents, teachers, the media, society, etc…

Giving our attention to these new systems, noticing how they play out in the world, in our interactions with others. Using this feedback to plug into the original idea. Consciously growing this system. Slowly we move away from any addiction to old unhealthy systems.

Have fun !

The illusion of control

In the pursuit of psychological security

In the name of safety we’ve created a world of order that threatens to suffocate all the spontaneity and joy out of life, to the point that human beings are as predictable as the AI algorithms designed to serve us. To the point where the human becomes the robot, because to be anything else might make someone feel unsafe.

It’s already happened. The education system has done a fine job of implanting the programmes in the minds of the children, making little robots of everyone.

We only notice it when they act up. When Jen males a spelling mistake. When little Jonny has a tantrum, when Daisy’s hormones rage to the point she can no longer control them. Or when Bob becomes so disillusioned with life and his depression overwhelms him and the normal everyday routines fall away. Only under pressure do we normally notice the edges of our conditioning. And so, beneath the surface, the code does its work, keeping everyone in order, giving the illusion of a normal consensus reality, something we can all believe in.

And yet, in order to keep this reality running we also have to believe in something we call Control.

Krishnamurti said about this idea. And I paraphrase. Psychological security is an illusion, and the continued investment in this illusion keeps us locked in a never ending cycle of trying to control. Forever seeking ways to avoid anything that challenges our conditioning.

This way of thinking keeps us from discovering the deeper world, the world where we’re truly connected with the living force of life.

To be in touch with this life force is to experience magick in action. It’s to be in a symbiotic relationship with Consciousness, in other words, God.

It took me many years to come to terms with this. For me the idea of ‘god’ had always been part of the old world of conditioning, which is why I rarely refer to the experience as god, but I’ve come to realise it as the same thing.

So rather than diving into all of the ideas surround this word, I liberated it. I set it free from its ‘church’, so to speak. Now the Church of god is the living universe itself. A universe which speaks to me, in ways I am still discovering.

And every time I fall back into the old idea of seeking psychological security, it reminds me of the illusion. This is why things go wrong in the world, because the idea of ‘wrong’ is the edge of control. That which we cannot control we see as wrong, and so our illusion is revealed to us.

Beyond this illusion is a world of chaos. And chaos mean creativity, renewal, expansion, creation… Think of a garden of wild flowers, think of the forest, think of the growth of an unborn child. Two elemental forces are at work. Order and Chaos.

Order is death, and Chaos is life. Both work together to form the body, and all things in the world.

Our mistake in this society was to worship order, and to confabulate it with control and security. And this confusion has almost completely destroyed our humanity.

We see people running on ever tighter schedules, AI watches over us to make sure we cross the t’s and dot the i’s, endless forms are filed, new rules, new laws, guidelines on guidelines, red tape, signatures, fingerprints and passports.

And the humanity of making mistakes looms over us like a spectre. The illusion of control has brought us to a dark place were simply being human is seen as weakness. Low-betide anyone deliberately abandons control and joyously flings themselves into chaos!

The excuse of alcohol and drugs play their role. In a world of control, some respite from the never ending grind is required, a release valve, or the pot would just explode. And the result has been the never-ending war (on drugs), and more subtly, the war on consciousness (god) itself.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. The war of control and chaos is just an illusion, maintaining the conditioned world we’ve come to know as ‘reality’.

We all know something is wrong with this world. But it’s not that there is anything wrong with the World, what’s wrong is our idea of the world. Our idea of a world of control and order and constant psychological security.

If we can accept that there is some greater force than ourselves, guiding life to unfold in ways we cannot yet comprehend, and sometimes these ways will push us beyond our comfort zones, will challenge our conditioning, will question our reality… Seeing this, surely reveals to us the illusion? We were never in control!

At least not the part of us that demands it. Who is it that beats our heart, that breaths our air, that digests our food and sends us to sleep. These processes are part of the organism of life. A force set in motion long before we took our first step in this world. The same force that makes water wet and the sun shine. A force we’ve tried to comprehend with science and reason, and it’s led us on a merry dance. We know so much, and yet so little, we’ve come so far, and yet have so far to go.

Is it our destiny to lose our humanity, so that we can find it again?

I wrote all this as the gas man was checking my boiler. No joke, he called me through and said, “how long has your hot water not been working?”

I said, “It was working fine this morning before you looked at it.”

It was a hot day, and as he phoned his boss to find out how much a new boiler would cost I felt an intense anger rising in my chest. I couldn’t control myself, So I said, with a smile. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but could it be something you’ve done?… I mean, it’s a bit of a coincidence no? It was working fine before you looked at it.”

At first he was quite sure it was nothing he’d done, and I had to accept the very strange coincidence. Yet the seed had been planted… He didn’t just leave it and place an order for a new one, he made some more checks, went back over what he’d looked at… and guess what? It was something he’d done!

We both laughed and he cancelled the new boiler and I felt very relieved. He was obviously quite embarrassed about this mistake, so I found myself saying, “it’s only human”. I went back to writing this blog, and now I release how this encounter with the gas man perfectly fits with the message of the blog.

And so, it wasn’t a coincidence, but rather a synchronicity!

The magick moves in mysterious ways…

Whilst waiting for the gas man, myself and Alistair made a short podcast. Which you can listen to here. or below …soon… When it’s finished processing.

You can’t handle the Truth

The past year or two has seen a sharp rise in the presence of alternative media. Much to the chagrin of those pushing the establishment ideology.

The reaction has been unprecedented, in terms of our notion of western liberalism. So much so that the west almost began to resemble a more Chinese style of governance and media control. With its censoring of scientific information not congruent with the establishment message.

However this is just the tip of a rather dark iceberg.

Co-founder of Wikipedia, Freddie Sayers recently gave an interview with Unherd. In this interview he discusses how he “no longer trusts Wikipedia”. Citing various articles and encyclopaedic entries which he claims have been “massaged” in order to maintain a controlled version of the ‘truth’.

What really stands out for me are the implications of pushing a belief that a consensus reality has already been well established.

The beauty of the internet and wikipedia COULD be that we get to explore ALL the evidence, we get to formulate questions based on the many paradoxes brought about by seeing both sides of the situation. Be it science, religion, social …

A world were information is filtered and censored only gives us half a picture of reality, it also encourages ignorance.

The truth is complex, often has multiple sides that coexist simultaneously, symbiotically. In fact it is the very complex symbiotic relationship of paradoxical truths that make life the full and wonderful experience that it can be.

But more pressing, I see how limiting truth creates a systemic atmosphere of ignorance, which in turn propagates into the world as real acts of evil.

When I say evil I mean acting out of ignorance, and often wilful ignorance.

And the deliberate censoring of facts, generates a breeding ground for ignorance.

But I do see optimistic possibilities from all this.

The more the establishment tries to dictate a consensus reality, the more people will begin to smell that distinct odour of corruption. And this will ultimately prompt people to do their own investigations and see for themselves. Certainly that is my hope…

The iceberg goes deep.

I’m thinking of the kind of censorship like the banned TED talk given by Graham Hancock back in January 2013, or the banned talk by Rupert Sheldrake. I imagine if people like Terence McKenna or Alan Watt were alive today, their talks would also be censored. But why?

What does this tell us about the consensus reality the establishment are trying push? And more so, what does it tell us about the reality we’ve yet to discover… ? Maybe we can handle the truth after all.

That’s something we can look at in more depth in future posts…

Meanwhile, I recommend this book, The Science Delusion, by Rupert Sheldrake. And a short message from Graham Hancock.

Spiritual warfare

Turn away from anything that distracts you from your magic.

I want to come to this from many different perspectives. There will be some who have no belief in spirit or heaven, who only see a material world. For you, we can define this spiritual war as a fight for your personal autonomy. Your freedom, or liberty to speak openly, to create and express your imagination freely, without fear of punishment or censorship. It is clear that these liberties are at stake.

If you are Christian or of other monotheistic denomination then you might be more familiar with the idea of a spiritual war. And even here there are multiple levels. There are the wars of the religions, belief against belief, man against man. Then there are the wars in heaven, angels against angels, the righteous ones, the fallen ones

Then there is the gnostic notion of a war of sorts between gods. Here deities battle for control of creation itself. The material world being like a physical prison, capturing the souls of beings in order to feed on their worship. We see this theme often used as a backdrop to film plots, such as the Matrix.

Even further back, we’re aware of Greek myths, battles between gods, demi gods and humans.

It’s clear that as civilisations come and go, they each bring with them their own notion of a spiritual war.

Where do you stand, faced with a war of worlds beyond your wildest imaginations?

One thing all these wars have in common, is that they require your attention. Be it the Greek Gods, demanding your sacrifice, the Spanish Inquisition, demanding you follow the doctrine of the Catholic Church, or the 2021 New Inquisition, demanding you follow the Mainstream Media. Demanding your attention is the key.

Because ultimately, these wars are all the same trick. It is your attention they feed on. And they’re all pulling you away from your own personal connection with source, with your magic!

Turn away from anything that’s distracting you from your magic.

Think about the times when you’re feeling most at peace, when you’re feeling most complete, when you’re joy is flowing, when you’re in the zone, full of energy. Ready and able to respond to the world and those around you. It’s when you’re doing your thing. When you’re connected to your purpose. When your belief, meaning and purpose are aligned with what you’re engaged in.

Anything that comes along and demands your attention when you’re in the middle of doing your thing is stealing your energy.

Our culture teaches us to give ourselves away at the drop of a hat.

When we’re day dreaming in school. The teacher demands our attention. They tell us we’re bad people for following our attention inwards. Yet the most powerful act of meditation is to follow your attention inwards.

Anyone who’s experienced ‘being in the zone’ will tell you how powerful your inner attention is. This is the source of all creativity. Our modern world is built from this source. It powers our imagination, which in turn designs our cars and buildings and technology.

To demand someone’s attention is a direct attack on their connection with source. And yet our culture is built on the idea that we must give our attention away at the drop of a hat. The television demands attention, your mobile phone demands your attention, even the way we’re taught to engage in conversations encourages others to demand our attention.

So what is at the root of this spiritual war, this condition of giving ourselves away to those who demand our energies.

The honest answer is, I don’t know. But I do know that it’s very deeply rooted. It could be a biological survival instinct. It could be that we’ve been bred this way to make us more easily controlled. Yet one thing is certain. Those who know how to control people using this technique are becoming more skilled at it. Facebook is one shinning example.

We might not immediately think of spiritual warfare when we think of social media, but this is in fact the modern face of the war on your soul. Facebook, McDonalds, Giant-corp.com. Whatever there name, they’re all doing the same thing. Feeding on you. And feeding on each other.

There are three giant companies who own over 90% of all the worlds major corporations. And every day they’re growing bigger. The bigger fish feed on the smaller fish, and so on… And you are the minnow.

You might feel quite helpless as the small fish at the end of a huge food chain, but all is not lost. Because this food chain relies on you offering yourself up as food. Without your willing cooperation, no one can take your attention.

It’s quite easy. Delete your facebook account, anonymise your twitter account, randomise your email address, and twitch off your TV!

Just disengage from the Media, they can’t feed on you if you’re not giving them your attention.

Now you might say. Jen, that’s alright for you to say. But I have friends on facebook, I get my news from the media. How would I engage with the world?

Have you forgotten how to be a human being? Just go outside and speak to people…

These gadgets are perfectly OK as tools. I can message you and let you know I’m going down to the beach. But as soon as the tool is using you, as soon as it has that pull on your attention, then you have become a victim of the spiritual war.

And we all know how that feels. The trouble is we become desensitised to it. But after being away from it for a couple of weeks, or even a few days. Once it starts feeding on us again, we really notice it. It becomes obvious. And once you really see it for what it is, then action just follows. It’s not really something we need to think about. It’s not something to be deliberated over. Once you see it clearly. How it’s feeding on you, the response is instinctual. Like pulling your arm from the lions mouth, there is no hesitation when you see the danger.

Understanding ourselves and the world

Are we really any more closer to understanding ourselves and the world than we were thousands of years ago?

Back then we believed in Gods, now we believe in Equations. Neither of which can be seen directly, both requiring specialised individuals to interpret and decode occult-like information in order to communicate the “true” meanings.

Sure it’s true that we can use equations to predict the motions of bodies and calculate formulas for building technology. And I’m the first to admit that I love science and technology, I love all the things technology has brought us, all the convenience, all the luxury. And I certainly appreciate the clarity of the scientific method, the rational thinking sweeping away the uncertainty of superstitious nonsense. What did we ever build out of superstition…?

The death of god and the birth of scientism.

In many ways our civilisation is built on a foundation of superstition, an innate fear of divine judgement, the threat of an otherworldly punishment, maintaining law, order and morality. Take a look around the godless world today, and notice all the terrible acts of immorality taking place. So when God died, it seems we plunged slowly into a hellish nightmare of paranoid scientism. The purging of god, not only removed superstition, but it seemed to throw out our sense of spirit and communion.

Are we really any better off in a Godless world, surrounded by jabbering robots and self crashing cars?

We gave up trying to illuminate our souls in exchange for lighting up the sky. And now we no longer even see the stars – the one true reminder of our actual place in the universe, blotted out by a million tiny neon suns, flickering at just the right frequency to slowly drive us blind and crazy.

Dare we even begin to try and understand ourselves? Are we so distracted, on purpose, just to avoid even the slightest glimpse beneath our twitching facade? What might frighten us so much, that every waking moment is spent desperately scrolling through an endless dirge of meaningless fear-tosh…? Drowning out our inner not so silently screaming voice with the latest popular bullshit barrage of fear death terror, perpetually distracting us from the inner existential tornado, ripping us slowly apart from any last vestige of soul we may have once been in touch with…


When finally I am able to find a moment’s peace, I’m still amazed to discover that my soul is alive and blissful in the other world. The beautiful inner utopia, my real home. The mystical location Jung refers to as his place of solitude and creativity. The abode of the artists muse, the creatives genius. An experience scoffed at by scientism, and yet, this very same other world, the birth place of so many a scientific revelation and technological invention.

We’re no closer to understanding the source of our imagination than we were thousands of years ago. So rather than kidding ourselves that we’re sophisticated, better than the rest of the animals, above nature bio-robotic-demigods… Surely it’s time to embrace the mystery, to yield to a power beyond our understanding, and to have faith that the universe brought us this far on the journey of evolution. Can’t we trust it to have our best interests at heart? Surely it’s not just all random? Or are we so blinded by dogmatic scientism that we have no faith in anything not written in our equations? Are we not able to see beyond our dysfunctional models of the world?

And If all we are able to focus on are our models, then surely we are truly doomed to forever be lost, wandering in a virtual world of iconified non-reality… oblivious to the actuality of a truly miraculous cosmos!

It comes down to a matter of choice, which reality do we want? It’s always been about choice, the choice of love or fear, the choice of freedom or censorship, whether to embrace the other or to reject it. One choice leads to isolation, the other to unification. One cuts things up into parts, the other brings the parts together.

We tried to understand the world by cutting it up into pieces, and we learned how to make really powerful bombs that could destroy our planet several times over. So perhaps now we might try to understand the world (and ourselves) by bringing all the pieces together.

It’s called ‘holism’, it’s not a new idea. It states that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. You are not just a collection of bones and blood in a bag of skin. The world is not just things, randomly colliding bits of dead matter, somehow coming together to make computer screens and trees and cats. There is an order to it all, it may appear as chaos to the casual viewer, but gaze at it long enough, and you really do see patterns emerging from the chaos… And these patterns are influenced by our very thoughts, by our every breath, and by our dreams and desires, and connections…

It’s always been this way, we create the world in our own image, imagination, it’s a powerful thing. Now instead of trying to control and harness that power, like we always do… Can we sit back, consciously, creativity, purposefully… carefully… because we’ve seen what we’re capable of, we just need let go and stop trying to control everything, because our fear of what we don’t want, always unconsciously manifests. And we end up fucking everything up. To be very clear about what kind of future we want to create, first we need to understand what kind of creatures we are. We need to really see our shadow, so that it doesn’t run amok in the world. We’ve been chasing our own tail for a long time. While constantly pointing fingers, blaming one another and looking for scapegoats. And all the while… The future is listening, and responding.

We did all this, through our ignorance, through our desires, through our fears… And that is actually good news, because if we are responsible, then we can also undo it. The process of undoing has to begin with understanding. Understanding what it is we are doing that causes the problem in the first place. And I think it’s because we’re not being true. This is a civilisation built on lies, dogma, politics, and bullshit. From the highest level down to me just trying to protect my mum from her pain by telling her everything’s going to be ok. We kid ourselves that we do it out of love, but this is not love, this is fear. Real love says, I see your pain, and we are going to die, and I am here with you, for now, but not forever… As long as we try to continue the game of lies, we will perpetuate a screwed up world.

By understanding who we really are, we can begin the process of stopping projecting our shadow, of stopping keeping up the nonsense. I keep coming back to love. Love is the cure, it’s even the name of my latest music album. All the while I’ve been asking myself, how do I love others. How to love, when inside there is so much anger and fear and mistrust?

Well, I have to be honest. Love begins with truth and honestly, and if I hate you, I need to be able to tell you to your face. And together we can figure out why. Together we can inquire into our relationship and begin to understand it to the core. This way we can learn who we really are. By only surrounding ourselves with positive love and light people we will never learn about our dark side. And to pretend we have no darkness is just wilful ignorance.

When we can come together, and say without fear, shame, judgment and with an openness to inquire, “I feel really angry with you right now”. Or whatever it is we’re experiencing. And have the courage to sit together and explore the underlying issues without blame. Then we might be able to build a civilisation based on truth and love. And that is a society I want to be a part of 🙂

The Religion of Science

I totally respect Feynman and his scientific discipline, and his views on pseudoscience, and his honesty when we says. “I don’t know, I don’t know the world very well…”

Science has become the dominant religion of the world, and I say this as a science enthusiast. I got into science at a young age, fascinated by the electronics components and wires my dad brought home. He’d put some wires and a bulb and a battery together and it would light up. This might sound silly now. But through the eyes of a child, this seemed like magic!

Of course it’s not magic… Or is it?

Do we truly understand how the electron moves? What even an electron is? How magnetic induction influences the flow of the current? How DNA builds living organisms. How consciousness interacts with physical matter. How the field of photons act as a wave or a particle… ?

Bohr is famous for saying, something along the lines of. Don’t try to understand it, just do the calculations!

Whereas Bohm really wanted to understand how it all worked. Not so he could create a theory of everything, but because he was curious. And his curiosity lead him to uncover some fascinating theories. (For future blogs*)

How many now established theories would never have been discovered if we only ever just did the calculations…

So we don’t really understand it, no more than the witch understands how her spell works, or the sorcerer understands… well… perhaps they actually have a deeper understanding… but we’ll come back to that.*

When we say, follow the science… We’re not showing you how anything works, we’re simply saying. Do as you’re told, believe what we’re saying. And this is no different than the early church telling the mass, ‘Believe in the word of God… or else!’

Or else what? Or else suffer his wrath. Or else be banished from the community. Or else be classed as a heretic or burned at the stake.

Nowadays we no longer actually burn people, but we do metaphorically ‘burn’ them. We ban their social media accounts, we sack them from their jobs, we throw them out of the academy. We mock them and class them as heretics and quacks and pseudoscientists.

The list of pseudoscience practices on Wikipedia is growing exponentially… Reading the list of topics characterised as pseudoscience on Wikipedia actually made me laugh out loud. There are some things in there like Flat Earth theories, which are so absurd, I’d not even find it worth thinking about. But actually many things, like Acupuncture, The Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Colloidal Silver, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, are all practices I’ve engaged with and benefitted from…. The list goes on and on, and is longer than the last time I looked at it, only several days ago.

It seems like the church of scientism is feeling under threat, and what we’re seeing here in Wikipedia and elsewhere, is the new inquisition !

What do you mean, No?

An overheard snapshot of a street interaction.

A car door opens, and the frustrated voice of some guy echos down the street.

“What do you mean, No?”

As if no other reality could possibly exist. As if there could be no other option. The path was already so firmly set in his mind. How could it be a “No”? Surely there is no other way!

Unfortunately for you, dear reader, that’s all I heard. The door shut and the car drove away. Perhaps leaving our subject bemused at the side of the road. Pondering how it could possibly be ‘no’ ?

But we will never know. As much as this snapshot insight into the mind of Mr Unknown tells us about his lack of imagination, it tells us little more.

But imagine if we were to possess such a thing as a ‘Soul Camera’. It doesn’t really exist, I just made it up. But let’s say it’s some remote control device that can move through space-time, perhaps controlled by a phone App.

You control it like a remote control car or quad-copter. But with this device, you can also move it through time as well as space.

We simply deploy our Soul Camera and reverse it through time to the moment we hear Mr Unknown make his unremarkable utterance. “What do you mean, No?”

Then we slowly rewind the Camera, back through time, until we get to the start of the conversation.

What do we see?

Well, we see that Mr Unknown was talking to his son, he was dropping him off to go to school on his way to work.

“I’ll pick you up here after school”, was the sentence just before our now famous sentence.

The boys reply was unexpected. A blunt and simple, “No”. Which triggered an avalanche of cascading emotions in Mr Unknown, a confusion so bewildering, which leads us straight to our now famous line.

Up until now, everyday for the past who knows how long, Mr Unknown had always dropped off his son, at this spot, at this time. And every time, he’d said. “I’ll pick you up here after school”. To which the boy always replied. “OK”.

But on this day, the answer was an unequivocal “No”.

And there was no time for debate, the precision of next sequence of unfolding manoeuvres had been timed down to the nanosecond. The traffic lights down the street where about to turn red. The dual carriageway was rapidly filling up with traffic. The parking spaces outside his place of employment where being filled. There was no time for “No”.

And yet here he was, face to face with a word which challenged his every notion of reality.

So what did Mr Unknown do? Did he break his routine to find out what this “No” was all about? Did he wait for an explanation, or enquire as to the possibility of this unusual departure from the norm? No he did not.

So transfixed by his routine, Mr Unknown simply shut the car door and drove off. Leaving his son standing on the corner of the street with his “No” echoing around his mind, as if it had never ever been uttered.

The boys reality barely formed, 12 years of age. A mirror of his farther. Yet on this day he had other plans. He was going to meet a friend, and walk home from school. He’d thought about telling his dad in the car, but dad was too busy concentrating on the roads. So he made up his mind to tell him once dad had stopped. In the usual place. He had a moment when dad would be free to listen. But it didn’t pan out. Dad didn’t even ask why, he just drove off…

Now what? He’d promised his friend they’d walk home together. But dad would be waiting at the corner as usual. An uneasy anxiety stirred in his belly. And a fleeting thought ran through his mind, ‘Do I even exist?’

Let us pause the Soul Camera for a moment. I didn’t expect it to get so intense, and I bet you didn’t either? I’d love to reach out and let the boy know that he does exist, and his plan to walk home was OK, but he should have spoken sooner. I’d like to explain to him that his farther didn’t mean to dismiss him, and he was probably anxious about getting to work on time. But unfortunately the limits of the Soul Camera prevent us from being able to interact with the subject we are viewing. We can only watch… Or can we?

Let me hand you the controls? Where would you like to take the device next?

Unintentional Time Bandits

Excuse me madam. Do you have 5 minutes to spare?

You want five minutes? Sure, I have five minutes, I have all the time I need. Because I take my time. Whenever I need some time, I take it. Why do you need five minutes sir? Don’t you know you have all the time you need?

Oh I’m so sorry madam, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your TV licence.

Haha! Do you know they’re building machines that can read our minds? Do you know that? You’ll be out of a job mate! They won’t need you anymore. They can just hook up the machine and read my mind, and they’ll know everything. Come to think of it, how do I know you’re not part of that machine? They might have made it look like a person. Ha! I don’t even know for sure. Maybe you are that mind reading machine, maybe I’m part of that machine too! Surely I’d have to also be a machine, for the machine to read me, no?

Oh I’m so sorry madam, I just wanted to ask how you pay for your TV licence? Do you pay online, use credit card, or direct debit?

Knock three times if anybody is there!……
No? No-one there? Am I dreaming you? Are you real?

I’m sorry madam, I just wanted 5 minutes of your time.

I can give you five minutes, ten minutes, thirty minutes. Like I said, I have all the time I need. But if you’re not here when I’m giving it, how will you receive it?

Online vouchers? Credit card, direct debit? 

Haha…I’ll give you five minutes, and see if you show up. It’ll be interesting to see if someone shows up, if for a moment, the machine stops, and a real life human being shows up.

Can I just take your details madam, what’s your first name?

I’m giving you five minutes. If you’re willing to take it?

I just need your name and date of birth madam?

That’s probably one minute now already, maybe two, but I’m feeling generous. Are you here yet?

Yes I’m here, And if you have five minutes, I’d just like to ask you some questions about your TV licence. But if you don’t wish to participate, please let me ask someone else. I’m on a tight schedule.

You’re asking for five minutes. I’m giving you five minutes, and you don’t even want it. You don’t even want some time, you want data. That’s all you want. Some more data for your data machine. But your machine is so damn stupid, it can’t even process the data I’m giving. You know what? That makes me sad, quite sad. That you’ve been reduced to this.

I’m sorry madam, but I’ve no idea what you mean, I just want to ask some questions about how you pay for your TV licence?

I know that’s what you think you’re doing, and that makes me sad. But that’s OK too. I really hope you come to your senses sir. It’s been a pleasure, sharing two or three minutes with you. Take care, goodbye.

Goodbye madam, thank you for your time!

John McAfee, Timothy Leary & Julian Assange – A world without secrets.

On the run from the US government, imprisoned dozens of times, tax evasion, experimenting with LSD and other psychedelics, pushing the frontier of cryptocurrency technology. John McAfee certainly lived an extraordinary life. I see some similarities with Timothy Leary, but you can draw your own conclusions.

In this final interview before his death, McAfee & Glostik discuss LSD, the world of cryptocurrency, the covid-19 pandemic and his theories about it, along with his adventures on the run from the law, and more!

Many believe he did not kill himself, he certainly seems like a man with extraordinary enthusiasm for life.

Like John, Timothy Leary also had his run in with the US government.

Leary lived a varied life filled with scientific research; psychedelic therapy; metaphysical exploration; social commentary and government oppression. During his time spent inside prison, he developed a futurist philosophy summed up in the phrase S.M.I2.L.E. – Space Migration, Increased Intelligence, Life Extension. These ideas developed out of Leary’s life-long interest in the evolution of humanity away from our primal roots, but they also had another influence which Leary termed the ‘Starseed Transmission’.

Julian Assange

As far as I know, at this time of writing, Julian Assange is still alive, but there are more ways to kill a man than to physically take his life.

At one time, Assange was a serious threat to the secret state, exposing global undercover shenanigans… But it seems like the world just wasn’t ready to listen. McAfee, Leary, Assange, Snowden… the list of whistle-blowers since 1654, makes for interesting reading. (I know McAfee and Leary are not technically considered whistle-blowers, but in their own way, they certainly blew the whistle on mainstream sanctioned reality.)

Imagine if we could see what they all saw, and more. Imagine if our minds suddenly became transparent, and every secret ever kept by anyone suddenly became available to everyone, imagine how that would change the world…

Edward Snowden warns ‘Julian Assange could be next’ after John McAfee hangs himself to avoid extradition to the US

CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden has warned that ‘Julian Assange could be next’ after John McAfee was found hanged in a Spanish prison cell on Wednesday.

What awful truths are our journalists and media protecting us from in their ever expanding enforcement of censorship and shadow bans?

Of course the media will make them out to be insane, dangerous criminals. They don’t follow the rules, they refuse the play the game, they live life their own way.

To paraphrase McAfee. Humans are complex creatures, capable of both love and compassion, and equally capable of hatred and violence. Give someone artificial power, and they’re more likely to choose the latter.

When will we learn that we cannot solve societies problems with violence?

I think myself and Alistair will have to make a podcast about this, and call it ‘A World Without Secrets’ … But it looks like someone beat us to it.

We have to have a discussion about privacy…

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